Frequently answered questions

At JetPack Studio, understanding is cool water on a summer day.
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What's up with the jetpack obsession?
When we were kids, "the future" held such wondrous potential. Flying cars, robots to do our chores, vacations on space stations and moon colonies, and yes, jetpacks. Well, "the future" arrived, and many of the fantastic promises that we had been waiting for were broken. We co-opted the jetpack as a symbol of our commitment to meet our potential and succeed where previous generations stumbled. JetPack Studio is here to deliver on the promises of the information age. Our call to arms: "We were promised jetpacks!"
Why should I choose JetPack Studio?
Here at JetPack Studio, we really love what we do. Our clients mean everything to us, because it's you that enables us to do this work. What we bring to bear: passion for what we do; appreciation for, and dedication to you, our clients; talent and skill; and proven methods. Let's talk about your ideas and needs: if we think someone else can serve you better or provide superior value, we'll be the first to admit it; if we can't do what you need, we'll try to help you find someone who can. Let us analyze your project and draw up an estimate; we welcome scrutiny, and encourage you to shop around. Get to know us, you'll be glad you did.
How much will it cost to have JetPack Studio work on my project?
The short answer: we don’t know. We understand how critical a factor cost is when any project is being considered and we take budgeting very seriously. There are too many variables associated with any project to come up with numbers that can be relied upon for a pat response. Even our rates are variable; we base them on the lowest price at which we can afford to do the work requested (every time, seriously!). Contact us, tell us a little bit about what you hope to accomplish. Without any expense or obligation on your part, we'll do our best to quickly assess your project and give you an estimate based on the best rate possible.
What are the details and limitations of the free project analysis offer?
We offer our project analysis as a free service to potential clients as an alternative to the canned proposals and questionable commitments too often offered by software development firms. We work hard on these analyses and reports and rack up $500 worth of labor on average for each complimentary analysis we conduct.

This offer is limited to new clients, and JetPack Studio reserves the right to refuse this and any service we offer at our sole discretion. With that said, we value our clients above all else, and we always find ways to incentivize the terms of our agreements to ensure our clients get a great deal on the services we provide.
How do you use JavaScript on this site?
We employ JavaScript conservatively in an effort to optimize the experience for our users. For example, JavaScript helps us to validate user input for the forms on our contact page to prevent users from having to reload the page only to learn that they must correct an error.
I have more questions. Now what?
There are more answers where these came from. We discuss a variety of topics on our blog, so you may want to look there. Often, the best way to learn more is to talk with us. Please simply contact us at your convenience. We’re always happy to meet new people, share our knowledge and to offer any help we can. No pressure, just answers! If we think the answer to your question may help others, we'll be sure to add it to this list.