Objectivity is a great dam buster

The best solutions are often obvious with benefit of hindsight.
The most valuable outcomes from the methodologies we employ
are the assumptions we manage to help our clients rethink.

JetPack Studio fosters a culture that promotes efficient and creative problem solving. The methods we've honed enable us to help our clients solve challenges and improve process with new tools and workflow, or by leveraging existing assets in new ways.

Our core competencies, when coupled with our understanding of the benefits and limitations of technology relative to business operations, allow us to provide insights and recommendations that result in quantifiable and significant value for our clients.

JetPack Studio is committed to industry standards, documented best practices, ongoing education and profound understanding of the technologies and techniques relevant to our clients' interests. This ensures that opportunities for elegant solutions are never missed.

We mine the simple answers that were previously overlooked or misinterpreted. We're skilled communicators. We cut through jargon and buzz-words to learn about organizations, processes and individuals. Let's discuss JetPack Studio's unique value proposition and the consulting services we offer:

  • Process analyses
    • Workflow evaluation
    • Asset assessment
    • Aging assessment
    • Liability assessment
  • Project analyses
    • Timeline definition
    • Budget definition
    • Risk management
    • ROI projection
  • Project management services
  • TCO analyses
  • Security analyses
  • Data protection assessments
  • Disaster recovery assessments
  • Case studies
  • Feasibility studies
Cooperation: a cross section diagram of a jet engine