Compliment instead of competing

Logic is the engine, but usability and aesthetics are immutable.
A bias toward form or function will never go unnoticed. We insist that
our designers, artists and developers contribute to equilibrium.

Elegant solutions result in a superior experience. JetPack Studio achieves balance with the code, interface design and graphic art we employ in each of our projects. The designers and developers at JetPack Studio work closely together toward a common goal: crafting intuitive, useful, beautiful software.

We're ready to work with art directors and designers from within our clients' organizations and from third party design firms. We also have the experience to work and communicate well with printing professionals.

Digital or print media; our designers' understanding of interface design, visual arts, iconography, typography, page layout and chromatics enables us to provide:

  • Graphical user interfaces

  • Web graphics
  • Advertising
  • Product packaging
  • Logos and branding
  • Promotion
    • Business cards
    • Stationary
    • Signs and banners
    • Screen printing
  • Publication
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Books
    • Marketing materials
Form complimenting function: a seashell shape that matches the shape of a Fibonacci spiral